Nathan is originated in the Bible and is Hebrew for “gift of god”. Aron has similar roots with Aaron being the brother of Moses in the Old Testament. On the contrary, my surname has another completely different meaning. Whereas the first two have a religious provenance and therefore considered rather positive and peacefulĀ at least by Christians the name Blake in connection with the bloody red smiley leads to the complete opposite. It stands for Red John and his criminal organisation in the TV series The Mentalist featuring Simon Baker and Robin Tunney.

Red John is a serial killer and the archenemy of the the title character Patrick Jane who one day finds his wife and daughter brutally murdered in there common home. A red smiley covers the wall opposite the door, painted with the victims’ blood.

But it is by this tragedy that Jane decides to provide the police his extraordinary mental abilities in order to find the killer of his family. Therefore Red John is not only responsible for – SPOILER ALERT!!! – his own death in the following but he also unwillingly creates CBI’s most powerful weapon against crime.

I do not consider myself a genius but the creator of following thoughts and actions the same way Red John is a kind of. Of course I would never choose to use such radical funds as he does. And I know what I am doing. But I want to make the audience not only read my stories but even more I would like them to think themselves about the issues, their and my own values as well. So I hope if someone has a different opinion on a topic or finds the messages I imply in my texts disgusting or simply wrong I beg them to write their own ones to create a benefit for both parties.


Nathan Aron Blake